The Snohomish County Blueprint Partnership is a partnership of Snohomish County government, educational institutions, and workforce and economic development organizations aiming to develop a collaborative, comprehensive approach that unifies education, workforce, and economic development in Snohomish County. The Blueprint Partnership fosters economic vitality in Snohomish County by retaining and attracting jobs in key industry clusters targeted for economic development.

Agriculture Biotechnology Retail Healthcare Manufacturing Clean Tech Construction Business Services Tourism
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The charge of the Partnership is to:

  1. lay the groundwork for the development of plans and programs supporting the clusters through the efficient and cost-effective use of federal, state, and local resources;
  2. make the case that Snohomish County is a region for the development of the clusters; and
  3. provide a framework for action steps and further discussions with other stakeholders and partners.

To accomplish its charge, the Blueprint Partnership produces annual data-driven and industry-backed cluster reports. The research and data presented in the reports can be used to:

  1. identify jobs that are available and/or needed to expand clusters;
  2. identify knowledge and skills individuals must have to be successful in the jobs; and
  3. identify educational and training programs required to develop a skilled workforce to fill the jobs.

In addition to producing reports, partners develop action plans for cluster-related work, mobilize to act on cluster-related work, respond to grants and opportunities, mobilize around community needs and projects, inform and engage in public policy, and provide oversight and advising on joint efforts when needed.

For a full introduction to the Blueprint Partnership, download the Snohomish County Blueprint Partnership Compact. For a full report of the impact of the Blueprint Partnership since its inception, download the Snohomish County Blueprint Ten-Year Impact Study. You may also be interested in monthly labor market updates provided by our Regional Labor Economist.